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Using Polypad: Probability


This task provides an overview of the Probability Tiles. Below are the topics covered.

  • Coins, Dice and Spinners
  • Playing Cards
  • Probability Tiles on the Balance Scale

Coins, Dice and Spinner

Copy tiles to easily create multiple coins and dice. Move the black circle on the uniform spinner to change the number of regions. Move the black circles on the custom spinner to change the size of the regions. Click on the black circle to add a region and click on a black circle to remove a region.

Custom Spinners

Add labels to spinners to create custom spinners.

Playing Cards

  • Drag cards on top of each other to create a stack of cards. Selecting the stack reveals the number of cards in the stack.
  • Select the Deck of 52 from the tile menu to place a full deck on the canvas.
  • Select multiple cards and click Stack to place them in one pile.
  • With a single card selected, click Turn Over to flip that card.
  • With a stack of cards selected, click Turn Over to flip over the entire stack. If the stack is face-up, clicking Turn Over will result in the face-up card being on the bottom of the face-down stack. Clicking Turn Over flips the entire stack.
  • Click Draw to remove the top card from a stack. Double-clicking on a stack also draws the top card.
  • Clicking Shuffle only shuffles cards in a stack.

Rolling, Spinning, and Flipping

Double-click dice, coins and spinners to randomise. Double-click playing cards to draw a card.

Probability Tiles on the Balance Scale

The Dice and Playing Cards can be used on the Balance Scale

Template Polypads

Visit the Template page to find links to Polypads with multiple sets of dice, coins, and spinners.

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