Ressources pour les enseignants
Free lesson plans, tools and videos

Mathigon contains courses, activities and resources for the entire mathematics curriculum, all of which are completely free to use. We've made our content as flexible and accessible as possible – no matter how you like to teach, or which technology you and your students have access to.

Interactive Courses

Our highly interactive courses are aligned to national standards like the US Common Core. Students can explore them as a homework assignment, in a “flipped classroom”, or when learning remotely.

Virtual Manipulatives

Polypad is a library of virtual manipulatives: from polygons and fraction bars, to algebra tiles and random dice. Teachers and students can share links to their saved canvases. Explore…

Lesson Plans and Tasks

Our task library contains 50+ free student activities and teaching ideas for your classroom: from complete, standards-aligned lesson plans to short puzzles and games. Explore…

Teacher Dashboard

On our teacher dashboard, you can track your students’ progress in real time and see all their saved Polypad canvases. You can also import student rosters directly from Google Classroom. Learn more…

Games, Activities and Resources

Here you can discover games like Factris, Origami folding instructions, multiplication flash cards, a customisable treasure hunt, a timeline, puzzle calendars, and so much more. Explore…

Widget Library – Coming Soon

We are working on a library of stand-alone versions of all the interactive simulations and widgets from our courses, which you can use on smartboards or embed in other platforms.

Upcoming Events

Free Webinars

Every month, we host multiple free webinars to help teachers get started on Mathigon, introduce new features, share teaching ideas and activities, or showcase the work of guest speakers and other teachers. You can join us on Zoom or a YouTube livestream, and recordings are shared publicly afterwards.

Bespoke Professional Development

Do you want to schedule a custom professional development session for your team, school or district? Our team of content experts offers in-depth events tailored for different age groups, that can range from one hour to an entire day. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Tutorial Videos

Multiplication by Heart Tutorial

Learn about Multiplication by Heart, spaced repetition, and our teacher dashboard

Creating Classes and Linking Students

Learn how to add classes and students to your Mathigon Teacher Dashboard

Sharing and Assigning Polypads

Learn how to share a Polypad canvas with students or set it as an assignment in Google Classroom

Polypad Question Builder

Learn how to use Polypad's question builder to create, assign and review interactive worksheets

Embedding Polypad on Other Websites

Learn how you can embed interactive Polypad canvases on other websites like Google Sites

Webinar Recordings

Polypad PD – Elementary

Learn more about all the features available on Polypad, and how these can be used in the classroom

Polypad PD – Middle School

Learn more about all the features available on Polypad, and how these can be used in the classroom

Control Alt Archive Workshop

Mathigon's head of content David Poras is being interviewed by Eric Curts

Numbers and Fractions with Polypad

Discover how you can use virtual manipulatives to teach about numbers and fractions

Teachers share how they use Polypad

Listen to six different teachers share how they use Polypad with their students.